Winners Of The First Miss IMX Contest Revealed Using ISHANG’s Latest Web3 NFT Voting Technology To Overcome The Limitations Of Traditional Voting

HONG KONG, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The first Miss IMX contest organized by International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK), the largest automotive-themed event in Hong Kong, successfully concluded on December 11, 2022. The Miss IMX winner was selected and revealed using the latest Web3 NFT voting technology provided through a strategic partnership between IMMXHK and iSHANG, a technology company focused on NFT and Web3.0 business. The winners are as follows: Miss IMX champion @copy, first runner-up @MiFan, and double second runners-up @Wendy and @Selina.

Winners Revealed for the First Miss IMX Contest Using iSHANG’s Latest Web3 NFT Voting Technology to Overcome the Limitations of Traditional Voting

Dora Lee, Director of Business Development at IMXHK, said, “We are very pleased that through a strategic partnership with iSHANG, we can deploy the latest Web3 technology to ensure the fairness and excitement of the voting experience for the first Miss IMX contest And can overcome the limitations of the traditional voting system.”

Michael Leung, co-founder and president of iSHANG, commented, “NFTs have evolved from game-based commodities – 1.0 – to digital art – 2.0 – now a multi-purpose decentralized application adopted and used by brands, enterprises, financial Institutions, Public Organizations and Governments – NFT 3.0. We believe that the strategic cooperation between IMXHK and iSHANG can create unique benefits of connecting the physical world with the digital space, enabling IMXHK to expand into the Metaverse and Web 3.0 space. accelerate growth, provide new convenience, open up marketing opportunities and new target customer groups.”
The first Miss IMX contest pioneered the use of NFT voting mechanisms as a major part of the election results. To ensure the fairness and excitement of the voting experience, participants vote by mining a new NFT on the campaign website (each NFT is equivalent to one vote (which cannot be resold). All votes are tracked by the iSHANG NFT voting system. which is powered. By blockchain technology. The voting status was displayed in the iSHANG system in real time. The iSHANG NFT voting system not only ensures security, transparency, privacy and real-time processing, but it also enables other Also provides benefits –

Voters can be anonymous
All voting records are securely stored
Voting results may not be tampered with or falsified (including by sponsors and suppliers)
System collects and processes votes automatically in real time with minimum labor
Votes can be monitored by anyone at any time
All voting results can be audited and verified to ensure an accurate count
“Royal Series NFT”

As soon as the Miss IMX winners are confirmed, iSHANG will now produce a collector’s edition “Royal Series NFT” of the Miss IMX winners. Each participant who votes for the winners will receive a free collector’s edition of this “Royal Series NFT”. These unique “Royal Series NFTs” will feature dynamic GIFs or short videos of Miss IMX winners, and can be freely priced and resold on the ISHNG NFT Marketplace and other NFT marketplaces (ie: OpenSea).

About iSHANG Technology Limited (iSHANG)

iSHANG is the first NaaS (NFT-as-a-Service) platform that provides a variety of NFT solutions and applications to enterprises through the iSHANG Launchpad. The iSHANG NaaS platform helps all businesses integrate NFT technology into their business processes and services, and discover and create new Web 3 market opportunities. Furthermore, iSHANG doubles up as an NFT marketplace designed to collect unique, exclusive and vetted NFTs, and facilitate promotion, distribution and secondary trading. For more information about ishang please visit –

Web2-to-3 Membership & Lifestyle Program 

A decentralized membership system developed by Web3 technology, allows everyone to jointly own a part of a loved company but not involve shares.
Once owned by the membership NFT, every contribution will be accumulated and adding value to their own asset, which creates a “pay more get more” culture and encourages members to grow with the brand together.

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Branded Web3 Game & Metaverse

To deliver the best place for brands and enterprises to interact with the market, we build customized Web3 games by blockchain infrastructures and provide practical application solutions of decentralized virtual world experience. Customers can recognize and even sought after brands through the immersive experience.

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Collectible Phygital Value-Backed NFT

Based on real assets to establish Phygital (Physical + Digital) NFTs, endowed with liquidity and plasticity after tokenization, open potential value in the digital world to realize applications in different fields.

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Tokenization of ESG & Charity Projects

Environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance have become new topics for companies. Decentralized application solutions can ensure that ESG transactions between companies can be executed accurately, and charitable activities can track the whereabouts of charitable funds without involving sensitive company information or transaction intention, and avoid cumbersome review procedures and procedures, simple, fast, safe and reliable.

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Decentralized Affiliate Marketing Programs

Leverage the advantage of blockchain to establish a streamlined and compact multi-level sales network. When a sale occurs, the pre-set smart contract is used to execute the profit sharing, and the income is directly obtained in the encrypted wallet.

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Web3 Voting Campaign & Survey

The data recorded on the blockchain is transparent, anonymous, and unmodifiable, it’s especially suitable for brands and enterprises to collect the most accurate market data.
In the Web3 customer feedback system we built, brands can provide customers with multiple different products or services as rewards, and then obtain valuable forward-looking market data by analyzing the choices of all customers.

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O2O Commerce for Exhibition and Live Event

We build e-commerce systems and execute purchase instructions on the blockchain, provide extended value for exhibitors by converting the huge traffic on the ground into sales and use limited booth space to generate unlimited business opportunities.

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“Proof-of-X” Non-Transferable NFT Certificate

With the advantage of non-tamperable, transparent, and permanent preservation after NFTs are minted, it provides certificate application solutions for brands and enterprises; enterprises can provide customers with qualification recognition and use it as a certificate so that it can be displayed and applied in the digital world.

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Decentralized Coupon, Voucher & Ticketing

Integrate traditional vouchers, coupons, e-tickets, and other certificates into the Web3 world, we use NFT technologies to change redemption only vouchers to interactive sales and marketing tools.
Holders can generate more products or services than the face value by completing pre-set tasks, they can directly redeem the original face value, or it can be resold directly at a custom price anytime, all decisions made by NFT holders and rights are protected by smart contracts.

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Crowdfunding & Trade Financing Program

Based on the decentralized fund-raising platform built on blockchain technology, creators can initiate fund-raising projects by NFT launching, rights and privacy of all participants are protected.
Through the identity authentication process of the platform, fundraisers need to take legal responsibility for their fundraising activities when enjoying the freedom and autonomy of decentralization.

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Web2- Web3 會員及生活交流計劃


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品牌定制的 Web3 遊戲和元宇宙方案

以區塊鏈技術為品牌及企業建立客制化Web3 遊戲,提供去中心化虛擬世界體驗的實際應用方案,令其客戶透過虛實互連的沉浸式體驗認識甚至追隨品牌,打造與市場互動的最佳場所。

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Web3 投票和市場調查活動


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展覽和活動的 O2O 商務支援


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Web3 優惠券、代金券及票據


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