Non-transferable NFT-based Digital Certificate

How iShang helps ?

iSHANG is partnering with Gratia Christian Colleague (GCC) to develop Web3 learning applications to School of Business students, NFT certs will be applied to the school with the advantage below:
Non-transferable NFT Certificates for Best committed Students in
Activities of Rotaract Club, Rotary Club of Peninsula East

About Gratia Christian College, School of Business


The Bachelor of Service Management (Honours) Programme and the Higher Diploma of Transformative Business Management Programme are offered by the GCC School of Business with the support from other academic schools and language departments.

School Vision

School vision of Gratia Christian College is to enable students to reach their full potential by providing them with a high quality professional education and cultivating a deep commitment to service. We believe that business education is not only about training future supervisors, managers and administrators, but also about developing dedicated citizens who have integrity and a servant leader’s passion for the community.