iSHANG Decentralized Solution : ESG Tokenization

iSHANG Decentralized Solution :
ESG Tokenization

Earn rewards that can be exchanged for LCDs by staking your NFTs
Make a difference and help save mother earth before its too late!

4 NFTs Available to mint & Support Our Mother Earth

Introducing the LCD…The LCD is the “Lowest Carbon Denominator” token representing a baseline monetary value for every carbon unit of measurement represented in the form of a digital currency that can be completely tracked and traced for verification and authenticity purposes. The LCD cannot be counterfeit, manipulated, or double spent.  Rooted in the undeniable science that was established by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change. The LCD will become the stable coin of the environment.

Be the fisrt to mint your NFT in support of Saving Mother Earth - Staking will be coming soon!

Press Release

Launch of Earth Exchange Staking Program

5 Key highlights of the LCD-NFT & Staking Program

Environmental Support

The LCD Staking Program provides a unique opportunity for users to actively support environmental initiatives. By minting and owning these NFTs, users contribute to sustainability efforts and raise awareness about the importance of eco-conscious practices

Carbon rewards for the LCD Token

The collaboration between iSHANG and Earth Exchange enables users to earn their carbon rewards by staking their LCD-NFTs that can be exchanged for the LCD Tokens on the Earth Exchange platform, for ultimate sale on the secondary marketplace. The digitizing of measurable carbon units with registered square meters of earth creates a mechanism that links virtual asset ownership and real-world environmental initiatives.

Traceability & Authenticity

The LCD Token guarantees complete traceability and authenticity of each sequester CO, unit represented within the digital currency. Users can have confidence that their contributions are accurately accounted for and directly contributing to verified environmental impact

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The LCD-NFTs adhere to the established scientific standards outlined by the UNFCCC. This alignment ensures that the LCD Token will play a vital role in global efforts to address climate change and protect the environment

Secure & Transparent Transactions

The LCD Token's robust technology ensures secure and transparent transactions within the virtual asset ecosystem. Users can engage in minting of LCD-NFTs and exchanging carbon rewards for LCD Tokens with confidence, knowing that the integrity and reliability of each transaction are safeguarded



We as humans need to minimize our carbon impact. Climate change is a growing concern worldwide and we are just now starting to feel its real effects. The need to offset carbon emissions is desperately needed to keep our planet healthy, but buying carbon offsets can be confusing, challenging and could become a major liability if you can’t trust the legitimate quality and source of where the offsets are coming from. A buyer should be assured these offsets are not being manipulated for private monetary gain.

3 Company Goals of Earth Exchange

EEX’s main goal is to begin the process of creating a global repository of every square meter of earth

Assigning a monetary value to every Square Meter of Earth

Estimating the total CO₂ sequestered carbon potential

Partnering with the Dubai COP28 Organisation & Stakeholders

Monetizing each SQm₂ of Earth

Each square meter of earth ranging from deserts to oceans all sequester CO₂. Using the available science today…to establish how many carbon units each square meter of earth can sequester the LCD represents of the first 10% of carbon units and their value no matter how many units are possible according to the scientific scale. For every LCD minted there must be a corresponding amount of lands or oceans depending upon their sequestering capacity or class category C1 thru C10 as established by UNFCCC.