Air Race Championship Club

Genesis Membership Club Of The Official World Championship Air Race

World Championship Air Race announces global strategic partnership with Coinstreet and iSHANG


AIR RACE CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB is an exclusive membership program, officially endorsed by World Championship Air Race (“WCAR”) that utilizes the latest NFT technology. WCAR is currently the only official air sporting event endorsed by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) as a world championship competition.

Members of AIR RACE CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB can enjoy many exclusive offerings from the WCAR, such as priority booking of event tickets, access to exclusive VIP events, priority ordering of limited editions of merchandise, priority whitelisting opportunity for various exclusive and limited edition NFT offerings.

What is World Championship Air Race ?

Air racing is an aerial motorsport that demands a combination of speed, precision, and skill. Since air racing has been globally promoted by Red Bull in 2003, this international sporting event has taken place in a total of 35 cities with 94 races completed. This event was broadcasted on TV in 186 regions around the world and attracted 280 million supporters worldwide, and is one of the world’s most popular motorsports, after Formula 1 and Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. In May 2019 Red Bull discontinued its promotion and participation in the race event, and in Feb 2021, FAI announced a new promoter of the event, under the new name of — The World Championship Air Race (“WACR”).

On December 8th at the International MotorXpo Hong Kong 2022, the World Championship Air Race (“WACR”) officially launched publicity and promotional activities for its “2023-24 Race Series” and held signing ceremony for establishing global strategic partnership cooperation with Coinstreet and iSHANG covering different types of NFTs, such as Host-City NFT, Pilot NFT, NFT-membership, and Web 3.0 games that evolve around the World Championship Air Race intellectual property rights.

Priority ordering of “World Championship Air Race 2023-24 Race Series NFT”, and whitelist registration for AIR RACE CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB is now open, please proceed by filling and submitting below form :

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